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Svani Limited (Former UTC Motors) operates a motor import, servicing workshops, leasing  and rentals of vehicles, generators and equipment business in West Africa. 

We are a registered Limited Liability Company incorporated on the 22nd March 1990 with registration number #39,477 and became certified to commence business on 23rd March 1990.

Svani Limited was the representative of Scaldia Volga (Belgium) the largest distributor of Russian vehicles in Europe, Middle East and Africa in the early 90s, Svani Limited sold the largest selection of Russian vehicles in Ghana and West African Sub-Region. These include LADA NIVA, NIVA DIESEL, LADA SAMARA and ALEKO.  In 1994, Svani Limited re launched the sale of American Ford and Lincoln Mercury cars in Ghana. This was in response to a discernible gap in the effective and efficient sale and support of American vehicles in the Ghanaian market.

We have been promoting and marketing various products together with Bukkehave,Kjaer Group, Mahindra & Mahindra, Eicher Motors and others.




We differentiate from our competitors through our good relationship management, superior after sales services and quick delivery. As a result of this philosophy

  • Products & Services are solution focused
  • We know our customers and understand the complexities of their business fields
  • Our warranty service for customer is one of our major aims
  • We Respect & Value our customers time
  • We maintain frequent customer contact
  • Our customer is at the centre of all we do
  • We respect and value our Customer confidentiality

Our Values

Value One

Our people are the source of our strength. Involvement and teamwork are our core human valued.

Value Two

We do the right thing for our customers, our people, our environment and our society

Value Three

The customer is JOB #1

the people you can trust




  • Svani Limited -Let The Competition Beware

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Crystal Plaza Building, Lashibi-Sakumomo
Phone: 233-0303404067
Email: info@svanigroup.com


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