A Powerol generator is a facility that generates electrical power using various energy sources like fossil fuels, nuclear energy, or renewables. It consists of components like generators, turbines, and boilers to convert energy into electricity. These plants are essential for supplying power to homes, businesses, and industries, playing a vital role in modern society's functioning.

    All things considered, Powerol generators are essential to supplying the steadily rising demand for electricity while attempting to strike a balance between energy requirements and environmental sustainability. Power plants will probably use more eco-friendly and efficient procedures as energy technology advances in order to guarantee a dependable and sustainable energy supply for next generations.

We have in our range generators from 10KVA to 200KVA

Being the sole agent of Mahindra in Ghana, we are also sole agents for Mahindra Powerol, one of the leading generator manufacturers in India.

We have in our range generators from 10KVA to 200KVA.

The product can be described in a nutshell as follows;

Powerol generators are installed in many communication towers like Vodafone, MTN, Airtel, Siemens, Ericsson, Alcatel etc. In India alone more than 60% of the communication towers are energized by Powerol generators. Those companies have chose powerol based on the reliability, efficiency and the price.

Generators Options

160 KVA
40 KVA
62.5 KVA
125 KVA
200 KVA

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of generators does Svani Group Limited offer?

Svani Group Limited offers a wide range of generators to meet diverse customer needs. Our product lineup includes portable generators for small personal needs, standby generators for homes and businesses, as well as industrial generators designed for large-scale operations. We provide both diesel and petrol options, ensuring you can find the perfect generator to meet your energy requirements.

2. How can I purchase a generator from Svani Group Limited?

Purchasing a generator from us is simple and convenient. You can visit our showroom in Accra, contact us through our website, or call our dedicated sales team. We also offer the option to schedule a consultation so that we can better understand your needs and guide you to the right product. Additionally, you can request a quote directly online by filling out a form with your specific requirements.

3. Do you offer installation services for generators?

Yes, Svani Group Limited provides comprehensive installation services for all generators purchased from us. Our team of certified technicians will ensure that your generator is installed safely and correctly, according to manufacturer specifications and local regulations. We also offer a preliminary site inspection to determine the best location for your generator and to prepare for a seamless installation process.

4. What kind of after-sales support does Svani Group Limited provide?

Our commitment to our customers extends beyond the sale. Svani Group Limited offers a robust after-sales support service, including maintenance and repair services handled by our skilled technicians. We also provide a warranty on all our generators, as well as technical support via phone or email. For added convenience, we offer service contracts to keep your generator in optimal condition through regular check-ups and maintenance.

5. How does Svani Group Limited ensure the quality of its generators?

 At Svani Group Limited, quality assurance is paramount. We source our generators from reputable manufacturers known for their innovation and reliability. Each generator undergoes rigorous testing and inspection before being added to our inventory. Additionally, our technicians are continually trained on the latest technologies and best practices to ensure they can deliver the best service and advice to our customers.

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